Condoriri 5.648m.s.n.m.

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Condoriri, Bolivia
Altitude........... 5.648 m.s.n.m.
Others peaks
Nort Peak...... 5.320 m.s.n.m.
South Peak.....5.480 m.
P. Alpamayo.. 5.350 m.
Wyoming........ 5.400 m.
Ilusionsita....... 5.330 m
Ilusion............. 5.330 m
Aguja Negra... 5.290 m.

condoriri map

Ideal place for short ascents in ice and rock, with vias of different degree of difficulty, the bulk is compact very estetico and of great beauty, approx. about 25 tips of different characteristics are raised surrounding the field bases.

The amplitude of the area permeite to make many activities of high mountain and is propitious also for people whom they look for to recreate in his environs It is possible to visit the bulk in a day and the acosejable to esutilizar the services of one local agency, although the ideal for heterogeneas expeditions that look for different activities from you see it is to pernmanecer 4 to 5 days in the area.

The medium altitudes of the tips also give a great advantage him for processes of acclimatization to the height, many andinistas that look for a gradual adaptation to the height they find in the bulk of the Condoriri the ideal site, soon to undertake tips of greater height in Bolivian mountain ranges.

How arrive to the site

From the La Paz city until it Dams Tuni Condoriri you can arrive in a particular vehicle in 2 approximate hours, The public transport doesn't exist until it Dams alone Tuni-condoriri,  it arrives to the town of Palcoco in the highway toward Copacabana

The approximation to base camp

it Dams of Tuni Condoriri it is continued on foot approximately by a path that goes toward the Mountain range, 3 hours of walk for a visible path, trekking of mountain that crosses several lagoons until arriving at the lagoon of chiar khota, place of the field base.

condoriri condoriri
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