Huayna Potosi 6.080 m.s.n.m.

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Huayna Potosi

The Huayna Potosi is the six thousand of but easy access of all the big ones snowy of Bolivia, an earth highway that has a regular mantencion happens for the same base of the Face South.

The Field base generally settles in the area that understands to Zongo dams approximately to 4.700 m.s.n.m. in the same sector they are two refuges private that harbor all interested person comfortably.

Of this place the ascents begin at two of the main picks of the snowy one in their flank south as well as otrras slopes and smaller picks, the Expensive West of enormous attractiveness for the climbers have a relatively comfortable access.

Other snowy ones as the one suckles Lloco, the Charquini and the Tikimani, conjuncionan an area of enormous attractiveness in activities of high mountain, the treking and the biking in their different ones facets have of equal several posibilidades.

Todos it forms these signal attributes they locate to this snowy one as one of those but visited and the but climbed of the Andes of Bolivia, its proximity to the main city of the country allows to climb experienced in their case their ascent in one day with return to the La Paz city

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huayna potosi

Huayna Potosi, Bolivia
Altitude............. 6.080 m.s.n.m.
Base camp...... 4.620 m. aprox.
High camp........5.130 m. aprox.
Others mountains
Tikimani...........5.519 m.s.n.m.
Mama LLoco.....5.220 m.
Charquini...........5.392 m.
La Paz .........0 km
El Alto ........12 Km
Milluni.........32 Km.
Represa Zongo..48 km

How arrive to the site

The transport publishes that goes toward the population of Zongo it is a.m. from 5 o'clock to 6 and they leave of the Square Ballivian of the El Alto city, an office doesn't exist for the purchase of passages and the frequency decreases to alone 2 or 3 buses that leave at the signal hours. The buses happen for the Zongo dams that belongs to the COBEE (Bolivian Company of Electric Power).

A very important aspect to take into account, if the public transport is used toward the area. The Zongo dams is the obliged step that they use the buses that go to the population of Zongo y other hydroelectric plants. The difficulty can arise when seeks to take some bus public of return, since generally the few buses that leave the populations and hydroelectric plants come out full with passengers.

The advisable thing for any climb that seeks the ascent to the Huayna Potosi, is utlizar it transports private, what avoided perjucios and uncertainty when returning to the La Paz city

The approximation to base camproute normal

The Zongo dams this to 4.620 m.s.n.m. it is the Camp bases natural of the Snowy Huayna Potosi and two Refuges installed in the area exist.

These two denominated refuges Huayna Potosi and White House practically are on the edge of the highway and practically any difficulty doesn't exist to consent to them. This circumstance also allows a lot of people to visit the place in one day and you can visit the glaciers and her surroundings.

Of this Dams you also consents to the Snowy Charquini 5.392 m.s.n.m. for an aqueduct, an aprox walk 40' it allows us to arrive to the base of the mountain, This Snowy one has lost the covering of snow ice due to the dramatic setback of glaciers that is given at the moment in the Bolivian mountain ranges. A beautiful cave of ice that was practically in the base of the main glacier has disappeared. This mountain is possible to ascend in one day and to return to the city.


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The approach until base camp of the Face West of the Huayna Potosi

Of the Mine Milluni (abandoned). You follow the road that leaves the mine toward the left, to almost consent for this route it is indispensable a vehicle double traction 4x4. Of the mine Milluni until the crossing to consent to the Face West approx. 15 km.

Of the crossing to Field bases of the the Face West of the Huayna Potosi aprox 1.30 hours of trek. For this route you also consents to the Snowy Mamma LLoco 5.222 m. this small one snowy that is almost plaster to the Face West is also possible climb in one day.

Other activities

The group that comprehend the Snowy Huayna Potosi and their environment is of special interest, its location to scarce kilometers of the La Paz city and a highway that practically this in operation the whole year, they transform it into an almost obliged step of climb and fond of the mountain sports

The biking (mountain bibe) it is a very beautiful activity, the route of Mine Milluni to Tuni dams aprox 25 km. it is the road that consents to the North Face, an activity that we recommend, in this road it is possible to arrive hastala population of Palcoco in the main highway toward Copacabana

Other activities

Continuing with the biking, the route Zongo dams toward Botijlaca, Huaji etc is spectacular, the almost mortal descent consents to a chain of hydroelectric plants that lower until the 1.300 m.s.n.m. in 4 at 5 hours depending on the ability and the enthusiasts' of the two wheels . This descent modality has one of the differences but big of the world.

The trekking Zongo dams - Field bases of the Condoriri and Tuni Condoriri dams it is very advisable for the lovers of the stocking mountain, a path that doesn't present big difficulties with some fantastic views of the Mountain range

Another route for this activity is La Cumbre - Chukura - Snowy Tikimani - Botijlaca. very advisable although the path little trafficked gets lost in some sectors.

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