Illimani 6.420 m.s.n.m.

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16°38' 67°47'
Important peaks
South pick ( S ) 6,462 m
North pick ( S ) 6,380 m
Central pick ( S ) 6,280 m
Indian pick ( S ) 6,362 m
Distances La Paz - Illimani
La Paz................0 Km.
Cohoni..............73 Km.
Pinaya..............80 Km.
Trek base camp
Cohoni - base camp..3 Hrs.
Pinaya - Base camp..4 Hrs
Altitude base camp..4.600 m approx.

it uses the transport publish for the approach to the Illimani, the best alternative is to the town of Cohoni, the transport is permanent to the area, to avoid difficulties we advise to use transport of a local agency of tourism of the city.

The rural transport in Bolivia in its majority is insecure and slow It is possible that the road to the refuge of broken bridge this good conditions, to confirm this possibility from the city.

The Illimani is one of the mountains but beautiful, many artists have dedicated
to this snowy one their work in the verse, poetry, painting and music, their aesthetics figures of foreign currency from the city, also known as city of the Illimani.

The mountain is a permanent challenge for the mountaineers, the possibilities of ascension are varied, mixed routes of ice and rock, able to satisfy the climbers but capable.The possibilities for the trekking and the mountain bike are big
it is an excellent alternative of the Real mountain range.

Caution in the normal route of ascent of the south pick, in the sector denominated "stairways to the sky" one shows off that in the sector the year 2004 happened two accidents that they caused the death of 4 climbers, it is an inclined area to be skidded for the hard ice.

illimani trek

How arrive to the site

From the La Paz city until it Dams Tuni Condoriri you can arrive in a particular vehicle in 2 approximate hours, The public transport doesn't exist until it Dams alone Tuni-condoriri,  it arrives to the town of Palcoco in the highway toward Copacabana

The approximation to base camp

it Dams of Tuni Condoriri it is continued on foot approximately by a path that goes toward the Mountain range, 3 hours of walk for a visible path, trekking of mountain that crosses several lagoons until arriving at the lagoon of chiar khota, place of the field base.

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