Mururata 5.868 m.s.n.m.

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by mururata


Mururata, Bolivia
Altitude............. 5.868 m.s.n.m
Base camp...... 4.600 m. aprox.
La Paz .........0 km
Mina San Francisco........44 Km aprox
Cruce - cbase camp (trek).........3 hrs. aprox..

Caracteristicas generales

This snow is also within walking distance of the city of La Paz , access requires private transport to reach the site , take the road towards the San Francisno mine in the southern area of the city , this road also provides access Takesi pre-Columbian road , taking into account all these references to arrive at the area, before arriving at Mina San Francisco a path that will take us to the base of the snowy field is taken approx . you walk about 3 hours, if the area is not known it is advisable to use a guide, the spaces are very large and can easily etraviarse to ensure the climb is best to hire a local guide in any city agency .

climb mururata

The rise to Mururata does not require much effort and not have any difficult technical step , has a language very extensive glacier with a very slight decline for a very logical way to its main summit , however, and given the retreat of glaciers is possible to find a mixed terrain , ice and rock, the climb is possible about 4 to 5 hours and return takes about 2 hours, it is advisable to go in winter season to avoid bad weather and rain, another important recommendation is that if the glacier this very snowy and there are constant storms take into account that there may be many cracks and ideally move roped .








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