Royal mountain range Bolivia - Oriental mountain range

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royal mountain range

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General characteristics

Is the important cord but of the andes Bolivians, several six thousands and the greater cover of snow and ice park tips. His cercania to the main city of pais turns it in an impressive fan of possibilities to practicamente all the mountain sports.

To scale six thousands in a day and to return the city to sleep aca is possible.
It has been described in this single pagina to the representative snowed ones but of each portion. about 400 rise at least in all the area and is obvious that many do not esten, nor described and/or mentioned originating with security thediscrepancy of many authors which is razonable.

La importance is in the sport diciplina that practices and what it is really tried is to show the end of iceberg and to leave them loving of the sport they discover the reality of these mountains, but ahead and if the cases asi require it we will extend this fan because we are sure that lack to even do

The altitude and distances

La Paz ........... 0 km .... 3.577 m.
El Alto .......... 11 km ... 4.082 m.
Patamanta ...
Batallas ....... 60 km ... 3.898 m.
Huarina ...... 74 km ... 3.819 m.
Achacachi ... 93 km ... 3.823 m.
Sorata .......... 147 km .. 2.677 m.

Ventilla ...... 35 km
Cohoni ......... 73 km



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