Sajama 6.540 m.s.n.m.

Occidental mountain range - BOLIVIA


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Sajama! The volcanos of the Western Mountain range in their North sector are those but high of this Volcanic chain, in the they are located the Volcano Sajama the pick but high of Bolivia, the Parinacota and the Pomerape also called the Payachatas by their similarity. These three big Volcanos are very close one of other and they share an attractive inegable of the Bolivian north highland

This situation allows that many climbers decides to go up its summit simultaneously of but of 6.000 meters of altitude, to achieve these objectives it is necessary an appropriate planning, especially in what refers to transport, the populations of Sajama and Pomarapi that are to the foot of the sajama have basic services and it is possible to contact carriers and load animals to consent to the fields base and high.

Another of the big advantages of this region is that the community has been organized to offer tourist services, the region is also fundamental part of the National Park Sajama, he/she allows to have in agreement infrastructure to the necessities for the care and the preservation of its natural atmospheres, of its flora and fauna

Parinacota y Pomerape



  • :What is the best season to visit the Sajama: For mountain activities undoubtedly the winter season, including the months of May to October and is also possible in the other months, if only by their surroundings devel pcamunar
  • What is your average temeperatura: It's one of the coldest regions in the mountains of Bolivia and especially the month of August where strong winds and temeperatura there can drop to -10 ° C and even more, in this winter season June-July- August recorded the lowest temperatures
  • Clothing or equipment that is used in the Sajama recomedable: Like any mountain, definitely recommend the sleeping bag and jacket is preferably plumon use proper equipment to circumstances, essential as well as UV goggles, gloves and hat a good boots with deep imprint help much
    • There inns or lodges:The indigenous communities have organized place and provide these services with the minimum conditions, however in the area has risen Tomarapi a cozy hostel, very comfortable and pleasant with good food service and accommodation . In the area of ​​hot springs it is also possible to find a comfortable accomodation although its operation is very irregular
  • There is public transport to the place: This is one of the shortcomings that still has not been resolved, the international highway to Tambo Quemado passes about 12 km from the town of Sajama where is located the headquarters of the Sajama Park, there is a possibility that by its precariousness is not recommended and is to reach the population of Patacamaya in Oruro highway - La Paz and there, in the morning part of a minibus to the town of Sajama there is a regular schedule and as we said is not recommended especially if the visitors have limited time. If you are taken and risks in this type of service the minibus back to Patacamaya the next day early at dawn. Nor is it advisable to think about the return buses Arica - Tambo Quemado - La Paz since they generally do not stop at the intersection of Park entrance. In conclusion the best alternative is private transportation back and forth from a major city.
  • Where it is located the headquarters of the Park: This is in the village of Sajama is the main population in this area are also located accommodations, restaurants and handicrafts in the area. You need to register and publicize the activity to be developed. a fee is paid for entry and stay
  • It is possible to hire guides, porters mules / llamas in places: Yes of course, this is a National Park which in practice is managed by the same comununarios place which have been organized and serve as porters, guides and eventually transport the different areas of interest of the Park, but as it relates to mountain guides they are not recognized or accredited by the IFMGA(International Federation Mountain Guides Association).
  • What is your best recommendation: The recomedable is to hire a local guide because the park is very large and the signage is very dispersed which we avoid waste of time mainly for casual visitors who just want to enjoy and learn about their environment it is advisable make a small itinerary of the attractions to optimize the times and make better use of the visit.
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  • Volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape
  • Tour and trips combined with Extreme sportst:

    Tour and trips combined with Extreme sports by the National Park Sajama and to crown summits of + 6.000

    We have special and appropriate packages to your requirements as for prices and times. Preferential prices to groups of but of 3 people and FIXED dated EXPEDITIONS

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    Occidental mountain range of Bolivia

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    It includes Transfer, transport going and turn from the La Paz city, the whole lodging in La Paz, all the foods in the city and the mountain, collective team of escalade, carps, carrier and/or mules until until Field it bases and high Field, Acclimatization-5 DAYS, tour city, cook, professional guides credited by the IFMGA

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