North sector - Occidental mountain range

Mapa del Sjama
Parque Nacional Sajama

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Location and map : Sajama National Park
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General characteristics Sajama National Park

The volcanos of the Western Mountain range in their North sector are those but high of this Volcanic chain, in the they are located the Volcano Sajama the pick but high of Bolivia, the Parinacota and the Pomerape also called the Payachatas by their similarity. These three big Volcanos are very close one of other and they share an attractive inegable of the Bolivian north highland

This situation allows that many climbers decides to go up its summit simultaneously of but of 6.000 meters of altitude, to achieve these objectives it is necessary an appropriate planning, especially in what refers to transport, the populations of Sajama and Pomarapi that are to the foot of the sajama have basic services and it is possible to contact carriers and load animals to consent to the fields base and high.

Another of the big advantages of this region is that the community has been organized to offer tourist services, the region is also fundamental part of the National Park Sajama, he/she allows to have in agreement infrastructure to the necessities for the care and the preservation of its natural atmospheres, of its flora and fauna



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