Tres Cruces (Quimsa Cruz) - mountain range of Bolivia


Tres Cruces mountain range

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General characteristics

The Mountain range of Three Cruces or of Quimsa Cruz, a perfect rock scenario and ice, very not very well-known in the world environment, it possesses everything to be especially a place of a lot of interest for the rock climbers, dozens of possibilities with an environment fantasmagorico for their variety of mixed picks that you/they hang squeezed together in valleys deep and spectacular lagoons.

It is definitively one of the places but beautiful for the stocking trekking and high mountain, it possesses a singular beauty that allows to enjoy an environment that surprises for their immensity and their environment,

It is surprising even for those that know it, since is a very particular ecosystem and different to the other cords of the Oriental brunch of the Andes, posse two very defined sectors as for their characteristics, what increases a lot but their possibilities of an extraordinary destination of the can mountain

Photografhy Tres Cruces mountain range


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