Acotango 6.050m. - Parinacota 6.320 m.

Climbing route 2018 Code: 107 Español

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Code - 107
Day 2 to 7 acclimatization ..... acclimatization see other packages
Dia 1. Recepction and Transfer to Hotel
Dia 2. Rest in La Paz city
Dia 3. La Paz - Base Camp Condoriri
Dia 4. Climb and Summit, at the peak Austria 5.200 m.
Dia 5. Climb and Summit, at the peak Ilusion 5.300 m.
Dia 6. Condoriri return to the La Paz city
Dia 7. Rest in La Paz - City tour
Dia 8. La Paz - Sajama National Park
Dia 9. Sajama National Park - Base Camp Acotango
Dia 10. Climb and summit, at the volcano Acotango 6.050 m. and sajama National Park return
Dia 11. Rest in Sajama National Park
Dia 12. Sajama village - Parinacota High camp
Dia 13 Climb and Summit, at the peak Parinacota 6.332 m. and Sajama village return
Dia 14. Sajama National Park - La Paz city
Dia 15. Day to climb or break
Dia 16. Transfer to airport

The volcano Parinacota is located in Sajama National Park, an extraordinary place in the Andes of Bolivia, the National Park is managed by local people, wildlife is abundant and you can find thermal waters and beautiful hiking trails and Volcano Acotango is very near the National Park just 2 hours approx from the village of Sajama along the border with the Republic of Chile

Difficulty: The Parinacota with a rating PD (Shortly difficult9 does not escape the climatology of the place and this may affect their valuation of escalation without difficulty, it is possible the presentation of penitents, steady winds and low temperatures, their rise by a moderate slope slope requires knowledge in transit glacier

The Acotango F (Easy) is the most accessible of all, installing a base camp at 5,200 m and then a climb up a slope with a very short glacier on the summit

Services: Community service for local residents

Acclimatization: The Condoriri 50 km approx. North of the city of La Paz, great place mixed ice and rock peaks, many lakes and valleys, is the ideal place for acclimatization and training to raise larger snow

French Graduation: F (Easy) - PD (Shortly difficult) - AD (Very difficult) - D (Difficult) - TD (Very difficult) - ED (Extremely difficult)

Services and benefits


Includes the following services and benefits:
- Collective equipment of mountain (strings, High mountain tents, screws, stakes)
- All taxes and tickets to National Parks
Not include:
- Personal Equipment (sleeping bag, crampones , piolets. etc)
- Mountain guides certified by the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association)
- Transport private for the whole program.
- All the Hotels, inns, refuges
- Mountain guide for acclimatization in condoriri
- Cook for acclimatization and mountain activities
- Porters to High camp Parinacota
- mules / llamas to transport equipment to Base Camp Condoriri
-all foods of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner (16 days)
- City tour in La Paz city
- Transfers

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