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Choro - Takesi - Yunga Cruz Español

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by road inca bolivia


ITINERARY - Codigo T-202 17 DIAS
Dia 16 Day x
Dia 17 Transfer to airport
Day 1. Reception and Transfer to Hotel
Day 2. To rest La Paz city
Day 3. La Paz - Mina San francisco ( Takesi) - aldea takesi
Day 4. Town Takesi - Cacapi
Day 5. Cacapi - Mina Chojlla - La paz
Day 6. To rest La Paz city
Day 7. La paz - La cumbre (El Choro) - Camp (1)
Day 8. Camp (1) - Sandillani
Day 9. Sandillani - El Chairo - Coroico
Day 10. Coroico - La Paz
Day 11. La Paz - Chuñavi
Dia 12. Chuñavi - campa (1)
Day 13 Camp (1) - Camp (2)
Day 14 Campamento (2) - Chirca
Day 15 Chirca - La Paz

Pre-colunbian road TAKESI

This is a road linking the Cordillera Real and the Bolivian jungle, a very interesting journey that combines mountains, sub-Andean valleys and subtropical sona of the Amazon, does not require major esfuersos and certainly highly recommended for people of all trekking, hike is done in 3 days including transfers in private transportation to and from the city of La Paz, you. can enjoy a variety of landscapes mid-mountain lakes and lots of vegetation, this pre-columbian trail which is also known as paths Inca, has several sections built with rock walls and bleachers own containment of the time and in very good state of preservation.

Pre-columbian road CHORO

cool path which is stretches in an excellent state of preservation, bleachers and retaining walls, aparapetos and drains up this regal structure made makes century, the road passes through highlands, valleys and subtropical areas of the department of La Paz connecting the highlands to the Amazon of Bolivia, crossing through places of great charm and torrents of white water ending in the picturesque town of Coroico where you can enjoy a pleasant tropical climate, great place for nature lovers.


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